Minecraft Birthday Parties!

For all of our Minecraft Gamers!! A Fun, Easy and Safe Online Minecraft Party.  

This party platform brings the love, imagination, creativity and excitement of Minecraft all in one safe and secure server and environment.  All party guests will be interacting with each other while learning new skills, playing interactive games all being led by our Minecraft Specialist.  

Gaming devices options are Java (Computer) and Bedrock (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5).  Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock on 2 completely different games so if you want play on Java then all players will need to be on a Computer with Minecraft Java installed and they can not play with Bedrock Players and vice versa.  If you are unsure please call or email us and we will gladly help you figure out which one you need.


  • Up to 6 guests
  • 90 Minutes of gaming time
  • Available in Java (Computer) or Bedrock (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5)
  • Your own Minecraft Specialist on a video meeting platform
  • Building, Gaming, Interacting with Friends and More!
  • Cupcake and Treat Bag per guest (Pick Up Only)
  • Upgrades available
  • Cost $120 plus applicable taxes

**Out of Winnipeg Parties without Cupcakes and Treat Bags Cost is $100 plus applicable taxes


  • Large 1 Topping Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, Bacon) $21.99
  • Individual Boxed Pizza Slice (Cheese Pepperoni, Bacon)
    • One Slice $3.25
    • Two Slices $4.50
  • Extra Cupcakes $3.50/cupcake

Note: All times are in CST (Central Time Zone)

October 2021
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