How To Connect to Server

First, let’s check to make sure you have the right version of Minecraft.

We use the “Java Edition” version of Minecraft for our Camps and Parties as it allows much more flexibility.

This version of Minecraft only works on Windows PCs and Mac Computers. It, unfortunately, does not work on iPads, Phones, Chromebooks, etc.

Somewhat confusingly, there’s another version of Minecraft that you might already have, so it’s important to make sure you have the right version. The easiest way to tell is that the version we need will be called “Minecraft Launcher” in your “Start” menu.

The bottom “Minecraft Launcher” is the one we want!

If you don’t have Minecraft yet – download it here! 

This will probably take 10-20 minutes to download and install

If you don’t already have the Java Edition of Minecraft, you can download it here:

Once you’ve downloaded it, go ahead and install it.

I don’t have my own Minecraft account

You can purchase a Minecraft License for $35 from Mojang at

I have my own Minecraft Java Edition login 

Launch Minecraft through the Minecraft Launcher and log in using your account

Hit the ‘PLAY’ button and launch the game. 

Once on the main Menu, select ‘options’ on the bottom left. 

Select ‘Music and Sounds’ from the top right

Turn the Master Volume down to 10% or lower. Hit done. 

If your game is in full screen and takes up the entire screen, select “Video Settings”

Click on “Fullscreen: ON” so it says “Fullscreen: OFF”. Hit ‘Done”

Now you’ll be back on the main menu. Select ‘Multiplayer’

You may or may not have servers set up on this screen when you open it. Either way, you’ll need to select ‘Add Server’

For the Server Name enter ‘Lasertopia’

The server you input varies, depending on what you’re joining us for! 

if you’re joining us for Survival Mini Games or Codo Club use in the server address 

 Once you’ve entered that exact information, select ‘Done’

The ‘Lasertopia’ server should now be in your list of servers.

Hit ‘Cancel’ to return to the main menu and select ‘Quit Game’. Now you’re all set up for your Lasertopia Minecraft Class!