Minecraft Spring Break Club – Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock - Survival Mode

Runs the week of Spring Break - March 29 - April 2 From 11 am - 12:30 PM
$70.00 for the Week
Minecrafter’s will learn how to use Redstone Blocks to create movement and automation on their Minecraft Creations.

Campers will be given the chance to collaborate with others or play on their own. Your child will build confidence in Minecraft survival mode while our Minecraft Specialist leads them through new strategies, techniques and builds.

  • Playing on Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Focused on “Survival Mode”
  • Learn to survive the night, collect resources and build/craft using recipes
  • Build the confidence to one day meet and slay the Ender Dragon

Experience Required

  • Basic understanding of using a keyboard and mouse
  • Understands the qualities and characteristics of different blocks in the Minecraft World
  • Able to design and build basic structures.

Technology Required

  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition running on a Windows 10, iPad, iPhone, Switch or PS4
    (If available a second device to connect to the Video Conference to see and talk to the instructor and other Minecrafters)
  • High Speed Internet
  • Webcam
  • Headphones or Headset (not required, but highly recommended)